8 Tips for Optimizing Your PPC Campaign

Google AdWordsThe basis of any good PPC (pay per click) campaign is a good keyword list. Developing one is like a balancing act – you need to make sure the keywords you’re using fit your business, but you also need to take care that you are using keywords that people are searching for. Lean too much towards relevant keywords while ignoring popular ones and you may not get enough traffic while if you take the opposite tack you may waste budget on visitors to your website that aren’t interested at all in your business because your keywords are too broad.

Your website should provide a springboard for generating an initial keyword list. Don’t be afraid to look at your competition’s sites as well for idea. Once you’ve collected a few keywords you can use them Google’s keyword tool to find other related keyword phrases, how often people are searching for those keyword phrases, and how competitive the landscape is for each keyword phrase. While this is good first start, to truly develop a great keyword list, you should think outside of the box for more keyword ideas.

People often search when they need a question answered or a problem solved rather than searching for your product or service by name. Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customer – what pain points does your product or service address?  Focusing on the problem your product solves rather than the solution can lead you to your most valuable pool of keywords.

Another point to consider when building your keyword list is to watch out for keywords with more than one meaning.  For instance the word “crane” is going to have a very different meaning for a construction worker than it does for a bird watcher.  Abbreviations can be the most serious offender when creating a keyword list.  An abbreviation could apply to your offer, but it could also apply to dozens of other things as well.  Always keep in mind what a person may be looking for when they use a particular keyword phrase.  If there’s ever a doubt there’s always the possibility of using negative keywords in your account as well to keep the wrong people from seeing your ads.

To recap, here are the top things to remember for your PPC campaign optimization effort.

  1. You know best about which are the most relevant keywords
  2. Make sure you also mix in less relevant but more popular keywords
  3. Look internally and externally for keyword ideas
  4. Think outside the box
  5. Infuse your campaigns with new keywords periodically
  6. Think about keyword meanings and abbreviation
  7. Focus on the audience problems rather than solutions
  8. Review your keyword metrics and discard keywords which aren’t working

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