Social Media Marketing Case Studies

Nowspeed has applied our social media marketing expertise
to numerous clients across various industries, including both B2B and B2C companies.

Nowspeed’s social media services helped these clients grow followers and drove social media engagement.

Software Client: 604% Increase in FB Likes

For this client, Nowspeed developed and launched a new social media program across a number of social media platforms. This new social media strategy focused on increasing social media followers, creating strong engagement, and driving new leads. Read this social media case study to see the measurable success that Nowspeed delivered in meeting this client’s goals.

Telecommunications Client: 152 Leads Generated 

This client turned to Nowspeed’s social media marketing services to build a social media strategy that would increase awareness of their product, generate website leads, and stimulate engagement with the target audience of service providers. Nowspeed worked with the client to optimize content that would meet these goals through LinkedIn and Twitter. Read this social media marketing case study to see our client’s social media success.

Higher Education Client: 939 FB Likes Gained

This higher education client utilized Nowspeed’s social media marketing expertise to build a social media presence from scratch. The client’s goal was to develop a social media marketing campaign to complement the launch of their new website. Read this social media marketing case study to view how Nowspeed specifically met this client’s social media goals.

Video Conferencing Client: 361% Increase in Engagement

This video conferencing wanted to increase engagement on social media, increase traffic to their website, and wanted their brand to become more recognizable in the video conferencing industry.Read this social media marketing case study to view our results.