While serving a niche successfully in the publishing market, Edgil Associates, an experienced credit card payment processing company, saw an opportunity to expand into other niche markets. They turned to Strand for a re-brand strategy and has flown back onto the scene utilizing a popular product brand as the company's lead brand name. A new logo was developed, and several other components in their plan have come together in a unified campaign.

Payway logo


After establishing their prime positioning opportunity as the easy-to-work-with, transparent pricing company, the effortlessness and ease with which a hummingbird goes about its work, became an inspiration for a whole new identity.


An extensive strategy session concluded with a laundry list of critical core communications necessary to stack up against the competiion. They had the goods, they just needed a package and a storyline. Their new site effectively delivers each message needed to put a prospect at ease.

Payway website


An event strategy is aiding in helping Payway see where their next best fit will be. And a new booth keeps up their light and easy appeal.

Trade show booth


eBooks and a series of blogs attract attention from prospects and search engines alike.

So let's

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