3D Technology Client Case Study

To strategically manage a globally targeted paid search
program that delivers a consistent lead flow each month.

Situation and Goals:

  • Our client ran an international AdWords campaign promoting their 3D Printing Buyer’s Guide in 32 different countries.  The Buyer’s Guide is being promoted on two separate landing pages.  Nowspeed was asked to leverage these pages and utilize other techniques to drive down the cost per conversion of their AdWords campaign, driving more leads for their budget.

Optimization Technique:

  • The performance of both landing pages was measured.  When a winner was determined on Week 4, all traffic was pointed to the top performing page.  After that, bid adjustments were made to drive traffic for lower cost.  A remarketing campaign was implemented on Week 6 to drive more engaged traffic to the Buyer’s Guide offer.


  • Cost per conversion was reduced from $15.62 to $11.00. This resulted in a boost in the conversion rate for the Buyer’s Guide offer. This also resulted in a 40% increase in monthly conversions on the Buyer’s Guide offer.