Digital Marketing Pricing

Pricing and a Custom Marketing Plan

Whether you need help optimizing your digital ad campaigns, driving more traffic with SEO, leveraging email marketing automation or managing a complete social media program, Nowspeed can deliver the services you need.

We believe that every marketing program should drive tangible results, so along with every pricing quote, we benchmark your current situation and set goals for results in each area of your marketing campaign. The plan includes a quantitative and qualitative assessment the following areas, along with improvement goals for each metric.

• SEO Visibility and website SEO effectiveness
• Digital advertising effectiveness including Google PPC (AdWords)
• Social media channel growth and benchmark against best practices
• Email marketing and marketing automation

Once we have a benchmark in place, we will build a plan that shows you how your program can deliver business results over the coming year. We’ll also give you a competitive and affordable quote for our services to execute the plan.

Please fill out the form to request your assessment, and let us build a custom marketing plan for you.