The Visibility Equation for SEO

Blogs and topic-specific websites are a great resource for peer views and information. The SEO industry is not different than any other as many blogs and websites present information in a nicely packaged format and can provide an “ah-ha” moment for anyone at any time. One such occasion comes to mind… when I stumbled across the “Visibility Equation” for Search Engine Rankings.

I don’t really remember what I was reading or even where I saw the formula, but it made enough of an impact that I wrote the formula down as well as committed it to memory. All future conversations on rankings with clients could be presented in a different context, a simple formula; the formula for search engine rankings, a formula that everyone can understand and help remove some of the confusion around SEO.

The visibility equation is a formula that contains the core elements for rankings and how to go about improving any website’s or web page’s visibility. It serves as a reminder that no single factor will make for great rankings, but all the important pieces are needed.


V = Visibility
O = Optimization (on-page HTML elements)
C = Content
L = Links

The next time you wonder why we aren’t ranking for that oh so important keyword – ask yourself, did you exclude one of the factors?

Let’s start accelerating your success.

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