The reason we chose Nowspeed

“The reason we chose Nowspeed over other companies was their value for money, their great customer service, and their focus on having interactive and engaging websites/social media. They have a lot of expertise in this area, and I feel like our final website has many ‘calls to action’ and ways for our alumni, partners and prospective students to engage with our office. Nowspeed has been flexible and accommodating when working with us, but they also get the job done. I have never felt like I was being nickel-and-dimed, and as I mentioned before, I really feel like they took the time to get to know our organization and gave great advice for what would work best to meet our goals/objectives. I have already worked with them twice, and would gladly work with them again. I would highly recommend Nowspeed as a website development company, or to run social media/web advertising campaigns. They really know their stuff, and are a great group of people!”-The University of Queensland