Mobile Advertising Services

Nowspeed can create a powerful and effective mobile marketing campaign

Mobile US advertising spending was only $1.5 billion in 2011, but is projected to grow to almost 30 billion by 2018. In fact almost all of the growth in Digital advertising spending will come from mobile advertising.

For most marketers, it can be very challenging to get a high return from mobile advertising, since offers, ad copy and landing pages that work on desktop PCs must be modified to be effective. In addition, there are dozens of ad networks to choose from and it can difficult to select the one that is best for your product and target audience.

Nowspeed Mobile Advertising Services can help you take advantage of this tremendous opportunity and overcome the challenges. We have the skills and experience to create effective digital campaigns and develop all the necessary components including mobile digital ads, landing pages and micro sites, and then promote these mobile assets using the most efficient mobile ad channels available. We even have experience in promoting mobile apps and using advanced targeting to reach specific audiences for both iOS and Android mobile environments.

mobile services

Our mobile advertising services include:

• Mobile Ad creation

• Mobile Ad Network selection and management

• Mobile advertising campaign management and optimization

• Mobile landing page design and development

• Mobile App advertising and campaign management

Please request a free consultation to see how Nowspeed mobile advertising management services can help you leverage this important channel.