Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Services

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Services

Do you have a detailed testing strategy to improve your digital marketing programs? Is your website set up to test offers, key messages and other variables in order to improve lead flow and sales? Are your digital advertising programs designed to test campaign variables in order to lower your cost per lead or cost per sale?

Leading companies dedicate at least 10% of their marketing budget strictly to testing and conversion rate optimization to identify the best possible strategies for their business. Nowspeed offers comprehensive Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) services to help businesses get the most value out of their digital marketing budget.

Is There a Need for CRO Testing?

A detailed Conversion Rate Optimization framework is crucial in the world of digital marketing because there are so many factors at play in each of your internet marketing programs. You need to have a clear, scientific approach to test the various factors if you want any hope of identifying your winners and losers. Since the digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving, it is not always clear what you should test, how to test it, and how long to run your tests. With increasing competition in all aspects of internet marketing, only those who truly understand the most effective strategies will succeed. CRO is about following a dedicated process to improve the outcomes of your campaigns by getting the most value out of your marketing investment.

Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization

If you could change just one aspect of your marketing campaign that would result in more leads, sales, and customer engagement for the same price, would you make the change? Of course you would. Without CRO testing, you do not know what the most important factors to change are. CRO is all about squeezing the most possible value out of your existing website. Testing enables you to understand your target market and deliver a great user experience, ultimately impacting your company’s bottom line. When you apply a scientific approach to testing your digital marketing efforts, you can uncover problems impeding your conversion rates and learn how to move more people to take action, without spending any additional marketing dollars.

Nowspeed Testing Strategy

Nowspeed can help you implement testing software, form a hypothesis, build a testing strategy, produce the assets for your tests, and analyze the test results.


Integrate Testing Platform Tools:

We have extensive experience integrating testing technology and can quickly and easily equip your website with the latest CRO testing tools. The testing tools that we will use to evaluate your campaigns provide the ability to run different types of tests along with the in-depth data needed to draw meaningful conclusions from them.

Conduct Pre-Test Analysis:

Before determining what to test, Nowspeed’s experts will conduct a pre-test analysis, using both quantitative and qualitative research. To fully understand the current activity on your website or landing page, we will use website analytics, heat maps, session recordings, usability reports, surveys, and more. This analysis will provide guidance to the formation of a hypothesis, which will be used to ultimately answer the questions raised during the pre-test analysis.

Form a Hypothesis:

A well-constructed hypothesis will be at the core of the Conversion Rate Optimization process. Using the pre-test analysis data, Nowspeed will work with you to form a hypothesis to test based on inductive or deductive reasoning. An inductive approach begins with brainstorming a set of ideas and then using the pre-test analysis to validate those ideas and form a hypothesis. A deductive approach relies on looking at patterns in the pre-test analysis and then deducting a hypothesis for testing. A strong hypothesis is usually posed in the form of an “if/then” statement, hypothesizing that “if” we implement a certain change, “then” we expect to see certain results.

Develop & Launch Test Plan:

Nowspeed will work with you to develop a comprehensive test plan that uses the optimal methods to test each hypothesis. This may include testing CTA sequences, visitor flow, language, traffic sources, pricing, page layout, and more. The test plan can include straight A/B tests or multivariate tests. Each test plan will have a specific timeline that explicitly states how many hours or days will be required to execute the test with a large enough sample size. Once a detailed test plan is developed based on your goals, Nowspeed will launch the CRO testing process.

Analyze & Report on Results:

Nowspeed will provide complete reporting, beyond just raw data, on every test. Our professionals will record their observations and analysis, providing you with meaning behind the numbers. These reports will include percentage of conversion rate improvement, statistical significance, and engagement, along with traffic metrics. At the end of the CRO process, you will be equipped with the knowledge to optimize your campaigns to garner more results out of the same budget.

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