Free Whitepaper Offer: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 2.0

SEO 2.0 Search Engine Optimization White PaperSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) does not always get as much attention as its Search Engine Marketing cousin, Pay Per Click (PPC) because it does not deliver immediate leads. That is unfortunate because a quality SEO effort can drive a substantial amount of web traffic and prospect leads to your website. Here are some of the important benefits of an SEO implementation.
Search Engine Optimization Benefits:
  • Can Be Cheaper – Once you fully optimize your site, you will only need to do minor web updates and optimization of new web pages. The effort might have a higher initial cost than PPC but it is usually cheaper if spread over the next couple of years.
  • Long Term – While PPC only goes while you spend the media dollars, your keyword rankings should retain their general positions for months and sometimes years as long as they are supported by new content and monthly optimization.
  • Content – SEO forces you to make each page on your site relevant and usable, improving audience comprehension and reducing bounce rate.
To understand the full benefits of what a Search Engine Optimization effort can do for your organization, please download our FREE Nowspeed White Paper: SEO 2.0 Advanced SEO Tips and Techniques.

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