How an Innovative Email Marketing Strategy Can Pave the Way to New Customers

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email-marketing-strategy-white-paperImagine getting returns on your email efforts of nearly 50% of every dollar invested. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. In fact, according to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing when done right, can deliver this kind of ROI.

Download your complimentary copy of How an Innovative Email Marketing Strategy Can Pave the Way to New Customers and learn from arguably one of the experts in the industry, David Reske, what is holding back your email strategy from insanely high returns — both in prospects and new customers.

This strategy paper, based on over a decade of experience, reveals:

  • The key components most companies miss that thwart their email campaigns
  • Why the size of your list is critical and how to grow it exponentially with qualified recipients
  • How to match offers with audience in a way that will boost response rates
  • How to ensure your email gets delivered and opened, whether on a laptop or mobile device
  • How simple metrics and small changes can drastically boost response rates
  • How to leverage social media in your email campaigns

If you haven’t reviewed your email campaign strategy recently in light of new technologies, strategies and laws, you are potentially throwing away your email marketing budget. Download this white paper and start reaping the rewards of an optimal email strategy.

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