Turn Clicks into Tech Buyers
Nowspeed has a proud portfolio of high-tech clients that have achieved success through our internet marketing services. Our deep understanding of this diverse and complex industry has proven itself time and time again. Search Engine Marketing campaigns have given our clients more leads, while our SEO and Social Media Marketing have provided clients with better visibility, and customer engagement.

High-Tech products often require significant investment and are complicated, so many buyers spend time researching potential products long before they connect with your sales team. Today there are often many influencers within a company which you need to reach for win over a new customer.

This complex buying process means that it’s important to provide content to educate your audience all through the buying process with white papers, e-books, or video and then leverage this content to Drive Traffic, Convert, and then Nurture Leads to become customers.

Drive Traffic – Nowspeed uses organic and paid search marketing, digital advertising, email and social media to drive potential customers to your website. We have been very successful at optimizing digital advertising programs with highly targeted and often technical keywords to get the most leads per dollar spent. We have also be successful helping build organic search visibility to get more free traffic from the search engines on keywords that are important to buyers in all of your market segments.

Convert Visitors to Leads  – Many website visitors look at a site for weeks prior to making a conversion, so it’s very important to have content and offers that engages all of the buyers types through the entire buying cycle.  Nowspeed has strong skills in designing websites and landing pages, and creating the white papers, video and other offers that turn visitors into leads.

Nurture Leads –   B2B oriented social media marketing programs can be very effective to nurture potential customers, lift brand awareness, engage with communities in your industry and drive traffic and leads to your website.

Lead Nurture and Marketing Automation Services are also essential to a marketing campaign.  By implementing lead scoring techniques, automatic messaging and CRM integration we’ll help to make sure you don’t get forgotten.

Nowspeed has the services to drive, convert, and nurture leads for your company. These include:

Drive Traffic
Search Engine Marketing Services
Search Engine Optimization Services
Email Marketing Services
Content Marketing Services
Mobile Marketing Services

Website Design & Development Services
Landing Page Design Services
Content Creation – White Paper and E-books
Video Production Services

Social Media Marketing Services
Marketing Automation and Lead Nurture Services

We have helped a wide array of high-tech companies, including cloud computing providers, mobile marketing solutions provider, digital printing, and more. Click to learn more about our high tech case studies.