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Are you using LinkedIn to generate new business leads? If you are a B2B company, it’s time to start allocating advertising dollars to LinkedIn Ads and its  precise targeting capabilities that allow you to target professionals in your core demographic.

While LinkedIn is often overlooked by many companies, upcoming alpha and beta features will make the ad platform tough to pass up. The anticipated updates for 2020 seek to enhance ad performance, further making it a more powerful tool for your digital marketing strategy. Now is the time to get familiar with what LinkedIn can offer. Here are upcoming improvements you can expect to see coming soon to LinkedIn.

Improving Audience Insights

One of the predominant ad features that sets LinkedIn apart from other social ad platforms is the ability to target users based on what they do or where they work. LinkedIn plans to further improve your ability to connect with your ideal audience with the following updates.

Keep track of engagements on and off LinkedIn
Tracking multiple channels (including your website and LinkedIn ads) will make it easier to see trends and how specific audiences are interacting with your brand. This will show the engagement level with your organization and make it easier to determine which audiences are converting. This will also give you a stronger sense of content topics your target market cares about and has an interest in, helping you improve your relevancy with your audience.

Expansion of Sponsored InMail (rebranded to Message Ad and in Beta)
Much like a message bot program, Message Ad Beta is starting conversations with business decision makers and professionals right in their own inboxes. These Message Ads will target individual users and facilitate a one-on-one conversation. The update includes the ability to send multiple CTAs within one conversation, improving conversion rates and meeting individuals where they are. Messages can be tailored to customer goals or stages in the funnel.

Account Matching and Engagement Scoring
To understand the ROI of LinkedIn, it’s imperative to provide your sales team with actionable insights. These two new features were designed with that in mind.

With the release of the Account Matching, you’ll be able to upload an account list of the companies you’re targeting. This feature will match your list with pages on LinkedIn to ensure you’re reaching your target audience. This update provides you  with the ability to  rematch companies where  a LinkedIn page wasn’t found.This can happen when the list contains typos, extra spaces, or incorrect use of Inc./Co., etc.

Engagement scoring will qualify your content and summarize how your targeted companies are interacting with your brand. With this release, you’ll get a clear picture of how your organization is measuring through all paid and organic efforts. You’ll have access to data such as click throughs, views, and impressions for each company.

Improving Ad Capabilities

Ads on LinkedIn can lead to landing pages or LinkedIn forms to improve your contacts list. In 2020, LinkedIn is improving how your ads can be used to help you get the most out of your advertising dollars.

Target CPC
LinkedIn is going to become more transparent about how expensive specific ads and keywords will cost. This will give you a better understanding of how much budget to allocate to specific ads.

Engagement Retargeting
Retargeting is getting a makeover! New updates will allow you to better retarget specific users based on their interactions with you brand. You’ll be able to effectively tailor future ads to users based on their activity with your content. For example, reaching back out to those who filled out forms, clicked on content or visited your website.

Multi-format Ad Campaigns
So long are the days that you’re campaigns are stuck with only one ad format! Soon, you’ll be able to utilize multiple formats (i.e. video, single image, carousel) to create one dynamic ad campaign. This can be very helpful when you are A/B testing with different ad formats. The multi-ad format will give you deeper insight to the ads the resonate with your audience and help you determine what will drive the most conversions in the future.

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