Advertising On Waze With Different Ad Formats

Advertising on Waze with Different Ad Formats

Did you know that the world’s largest community based traffic and navigation app has its own advertising platform? With over 70 million global active users, Waze offers another way for your brand to reach a massive number of potential customers. If you aim to increase your local business presence or to better inform customers of your physical location, advertising on Waze could be right for you. Here are the different ad formats that you can choose from to promote your business on Waze.

Branded Pin:

The Branded Pin shows up on the Waze map with your logo and will remind users navigating on the app that your business is located on or near their route. When the pin is tapped, it will reveal your creative banner displaying the information that you choose to promote. This can be a special sale or other promotion decided by you. If the pin is tapped a second time, this will initiate directions to your address from the user’s current location. Just like that, users can be on their way to visit your physical address. Users can also choose to save the location, save the offer, or call now. The Branded Pin is a great method of ensuring that your business stands out on the Waze Map.

Zero-Speed Takeover:

The Zero-Speed Takeover ad format is a large ad that displays when the driver has come to a complete stop. Instead of having to click your logo, like the branded pin, this ad format will automatically pop-up as a “takeover” of the screen, offering the potential to get your message in front of more users. Users can click the ad to “drive there”, receiving immediate directions, or they can save the location or offer for later. Waze users are paying the most attention to the navigation app when at a full stop and this ad format allows you to target those moments.

Nearby Arrow:

The Nearby Arrow is a signpost with your logo that shows up right when the app opens and the map launches, showing the user that your business is nearby. Clicking on the arrow will direct the map to your closest pin and will bring up your ad creative on the screen. Similar to the Branded Pin and Zero-Speed Takeover ad formats, clicking the creative to “Drive There” will provide immediate directions form the users current location, or the option to save the location or offer for later. The Nearby Arrow is an effective ad format to inform users that you are nearby, even if you aren’t directly on their current route.

Promoted Search:

In addition to the 3 core ad formats, Waze provides Promoted Search as a value-add. Your pinned locations will be promoted at the top of the Waze search results and will include your brand logo. Promoted search will allow you to reach Waze users when they are actively searching for no added cost!

Review the different ad formats to determine which is best-suited for your goals. By taking advantage of Waze’s advertising options, you can potentially reach a whole new audience and “drive” awareness and action for your business.

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