Four Ways Companies are Underutilizing Marketing Automation Systems

Marketing automation is technology that lets you engage with buyers and influence sales in a way that makes your marketing and sales team more effective.

According to one study, nurtured leads produce an average 20% increase in opportunities compared to non‑nurtured leads. Imagine if you could instantly make your whole marketing budget 20% more effective. That 20% will produce a large ROI in additional sales revenue.

The goal of most marketing automation programs is to increase the quality of the leads that are generated, and increase the productivity of the marketing team and the sales force. If the marketing automation program is implemented correctly, it will result in measurable improvements in the form of higher campaign conversion rates, higher email open rates, higher sales close rates, and a shorter sales cycle.

In my experience, there are four ways that people are underutilizing their marketing automation systems:

First, companies are underutilizing marketing automation systems because there’s often a conflict between sales and marketing. If the marketing team is using technology to qualify leads and nurture them, yet the sales team is ignoring these leads, the marketing automation investment won’t reach its potential.

The second way companies are underutilizing marketing automation software is by treating marketing automation like an email blast tool.  There are many inexpensive ways to send email, but a marketing automation platform is almost always the most expensive way.  If you just need to send bulk email, then you may not need the complexity and extra cost of a marketing automation platform since you won’t be using most of the features.

A third way companies underutilize their marketing automation platforms is by setting up a single drip campaign. Marketing automation systems allow you create a customized stream of messages based on who people are and what they do.  If you are just sending the same message to everyone, then you are not taking advantage of a key capability that can help you improve results.

A fourth way companies are underutilizing marketing automation platforms is by not taking advantage of lead scoring, or by making it too complicated. Lead scoring allows you to assign points to users based on who they are or what they do.  If the sales organization is not taking advantage of the lead scoring data when they follow-up with prospects, then you are not leveraging a key part of this software.

These are just a few of the ways that I’ve seen how companies are underutilizing their marketing automation platforms.  I hope you can learn from our experience and make the most of this important marketing technology.

Let’s start accelerating your success.

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