4 Steps To Take Your Marketing Automation Program To The Next Level

Here are four steps that will take your marketing automation program to the next level.

The first step is to develop personas. By understanding your buyers, you’ll be able to create personalized messages for each of them. You can start by looking at their objectives, the title of the ideal buyer, where they’re located, how much experience they have, some trigger events that induce them to want to buy your product, and their challenges.

By understanding their psychographic and demographic characteristics, you’ll be able to build buyer personas and write messages that are specific to their needs.

The second step is to map your existing content to the buying cycle, and determine the content that your buyers need in each phase of the buying cycle.

Often we find that B2B companies are in a complex, long sales cycle where people go through a detailed process of identifying an issue, researching solutions, studying alternatives, coming up with their decision criteria, and then finally deciding on a product or a vendor.  You can simplify these stages to awareness, evaluation and purchase.  Once you understand the buying process, map your content to the buying cycle for each persona you developed in the previous step.

In the awareness phase, buyers might be trying to figure out what the problem or the issue is. They’re going to be reading white papers, articles, or how‑to guides in order to learn more about an issue. In the evaluation phase they may be comparing you vs. your competitors, and in the purchase phase they need product and company information to complete a transaction.

The third step is integrating your program with sales. By creating alignment on the lead flow and lead follow up process, you can dramatically increase the conversion from lead to sale. From a marketing perspective, you will need to collect the data that is needed by your sales team, and direct them to the most important resources.

Once you have personas, a content strategy, and sales alignment, you’ll be ready to create the emails for your lead nurture programs as the fourth step.

You can create a series of email for each persona that will move them through the buying process.  Along the way, you’ll also need to develop the content and offer needed to support the campaigns.

By implementing these four steps, you can make your programs more effective and deliver higher quality leads to your sales team.

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