4 Reasons Your Brand Needs To Be On Instagram

4 Reasons Your Brand Needs To Be On Instagram


1.) Visual Content is King

Data shows that users respond to visual content more than simple text, making video and compelling images a necessity for your social media strategy. The benefit on Instagram is that it ONLY focuses on visual content. Facebook puts the text above/before the picture, making that the first thing a user sees. Although Twitter changed their guidelines to no longer take away characters for adding a photo, it can make it difficult to upload a photo by resizing it or cutting off the image. With Instagram, photo and video comes first. You can play with sizes and filters, tag other users and add captions and relevant hashtags below the photo.

2.) Avoid the Clutter

Facebook is full of news articles, friend check-ins, reviews, text posts etc. Twitter has so much content going out every minute that your tweet can easily be lost in the shuffle. LinkedIn, although historically a business and networking site, is increasingly flooded with selfies and more “Facebook-like” content. In fact, 59% of links shared on social media are never clicked and 50% of all content gets zero shares. Focusing on a platform that solely promotes visual content will help it stand out more. Your posts rely more on the quality and enticement of your videos and photos, not the content of an article or the length of a Facebook post.

3.) Advertising Benefits

Facebook is the largest social media platform, with an estimated 1.18 billion daily active users. The good news for Instagram is that Facebook owns the company, allowing all Instagram ads to be run through the Facebook Ad Manager. When creating a Facebook ad, with a simple click in the set-up you can also run your ad on Instagram, allowing for a wider reach to target people on multiple channels.

4.) Focus on Mobile

Every day, my social media feeds are flooded with articles that emphasize the importance of mobile. Mobile websites, mobile apps, mobile everything. Think about how much time you spend glued to your smartphone vs. propped up in front of a desktop computer these days. While most social media platforms started as a site you went to in your internet browser, Instagram was born as a mobile app. In fact, the desktop version doesn’t have nearly half the functionality that the app has, so users are almost forced to solely use the app. You want to be you’re the consumers are, and that’s on mobile

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