Raffi Yardemian

How To Create A Winning Sales Process

Does the best product win the sale? In this episode of In the Now, Raffi Yardemian, an outsourced/fractional VP of Sales describes how to create a winning sales process that enables ordinary sales people to achieve their goals and help their companies grow. In complex sales, people buy from people and it’s important to create…
Jim Johnston

Working At For Profit Businesses Vs Non-Profit Organizations

Is working for a non-profit organization more noble than working for a for-profit business? In this episode of In the Now, Jim Johnston, a CEO advisor and coach and David Reske of Nowspeed, talk about deep insights of the value that non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses are creating along with how we can measure the…
Case Randy

Leading With Emotional Intelligence

Are leaders primarily concerned about strategy and goal setting, or it something else? In this episode of In the Now, Randy Case, a CEO coach at C12, talks about how good leaders need to be very effective at solving problems with emotional intelligence while engaging others to get things done. Randy spent many years as…
Michael Bloch

How Healthy Conflict Creates A Healthy Business Environment

Do the best businesses run in harmony without conflict? In this episode of In the Now, Michael Bloch of Building Bloch, a leadership development and facilitation practice & David Reske of Nowspeed, a digital marketing agency, helps us understand the right and wrong ways to use conflict in an organization. A CEO needs to create…
Pete Hayes

What Is Really Important For Business Growth?

Do the best run businesses grow the fastest? In this episode of In the Now, Pete Hayes a Principle of Chief Outsiders and David Reske of Nowspeed reveal that while most companies strive for operational excellence, it is surprisingly not operationally-excellent, but the market-driven companies that grow faster. The CMO has a critical role in…
Dan Stokes

How To Create A Meaningful Brand Identity

Is your brand identity more than your logo and tagline? In this episode of “In the Now”, David Reske of Nowspeed interviews Dan Stokes of JStokes Agency, who argues that strategy and creative need to come together in order to build an effective brand. Only by starting with your “why” and what makes you unique, can…

Can You Change Your Career Focus?

Can you radically change your career focus and still be successful?  In this episode of In the Now, Kate Lee of By The Horns and David Reske of Nowspeed explore the myth that you need to be laser focused on one thing in order to be successful in your life.  As we progress on the…
Joel Bennett

What Leadership Skills Create a Mentally Healthy Workplace?

What leadership skills create a mentally healthy workplace? Joel Bennet of Presence Quest joins David Reske of Nowspeed on this week’s episode of “In the Now” to expose the myth that you need to invest heavily to create a healthy workplace. While employee assistance and mental health programs have their place, it turns out that…
Dave Will

Turn Marketing & Entrepreneurship Ideas Into A Business

You have a good idea – now what? Dave Will joins me in a lively discussion about entrepreneurship and the necessary steps to turn your good idea into a thriving business. From bouncing ideas between friends to building your network, finding the balance between the excitement and the nuts and bolts of running a business…
Andy Bailey

Andy Bailey

Is it better to grow your business by expanding your product lines, services, and reach, or by focusing on the markets you are already in?  Join Andy Bailey and me for a provocative conversation about growth strategies in this latest In the Now Podcast. Andy is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Petra Coach with…
Wendy Pease

Should You Rely on Humans Or Machines Translation?

If you are trying to reach a global audience, do you rely on humans or machine translation to get the job done?  Now that we’re all talking about ChatGPT and how AI can write and have conversations with us, is it necessary to use real people to translate your content into other languages one word…
Carl Gould

Should You Build A Fan Base Or Sell To Everyone?

Are you building a fan base or simply selling to anyone that will buy from you? According to Carl Gould in this edition of In the Now, you need to stop trying to please everyone and focus on the top 20% of the top 20% of your customer base! (If you do the math, that’s…
Glenn Grant

Is A Company Built To Last or Sell The Same Thing?

Are you creating a company that’s built to last or built to sell? Or, are they one in the same? Glenn Grant delves into these and other topics on this week’s In The Now Podcast. As a coach to entrepreneurs, Glenn helps his clients build value in their organization. In order to be built to…
Astrid Domenico

Should Your Growth Focus Be Broad Or Narrow?

As OpFocus’ Chief Executive Officer, Astrid is responsible for the daily operations of the company. She defines and drives OpFocus strategy, oversees the leadership team, and participates in financial governance of the company. Astrid began her tenure at OpFocus in 2008 as an Implementation Manager, and since then has held a variety of roles in…
Bruce Eckfeldt

How To Scale Your Business With A Sales Team

A great founder or CEO knows how to sell their products and services better than anyone. However, when it’s time to scale up and expand the sales team, finding individuals that sell in a consistent and predictable way is key. Bruce Eckfeldt, our latest guest on the In The Now Podcast, details the importance of…
Eric Crews

What Is The Secret To Frictionless Growth For Your Company?

What is the secret to frictionless growth for your company? In this episode of In The Now, Eric Crews, President and Founder of Crews and Co. smashes the myth that you can be successful growing your business just by focusing on operational excellence. Eric has consulted with dozens of companies over many years and understands…
Neal Quesnel

Is It More Efficient To Build Or Buy For Your Business?

Should you Build or Buy? In this episode of In the Now, Neal Quesnel, CEO of What Army, discusses his decision to invest in software to improve and differentiate his website service business. He could have bought third party software to do the job, but he decided to invest significant time and resources to build…
Rich Manders

How Should A CEO Grow & Evolve With Their Business?

Episode Description: How should a CEO grow and evolve as their business grows?  Should they work more hours, faster, or harder?  In the latest In The Now Podcast episode, Rich Manders, CEO Coach, smashes the myth that working harder as the CEO is the key to growing the business. After working with CEOs and founding teams…
Michael Synk

How To Position Your Company In The Buying Process

Michael is the author of two books, “How to Create Customers as Loyal as Norm Peterson” and “Rock & Sand: A Practical Insight to Business Growth.” Before dedicating his life to helping CEOs and executives, he held several leadership positions at top companies. Michael has been coaching mid market owners/CEOs and their leadership teams for…
Mike O'Hara

How To Integrate Work-Life Balance

Michael has 25+ years as an C-level executive and is the CEO of Impact Enterprises. He has also worked companies ranging from startup to $7 billion with a focus of VC backed technology and is a master at organizational re-design and startups. During his time, 100+ million capital has been raised.
Eric Curtis

What Are Breakthrough Marketing Strategies For Non-Profits?

Eric W. Curtis is the CEO of Curtis Strategy, an innovative consulting firm focused on designing breakthrough strategy and innovative business models that lead to future growth, relevance, and sustainability. Eric is passionate about working with his clients to address their most complex and challenging issues, helping them design and implement the strategies needed to…
Michael Brown

How Content Marketing Can Benefit Your Business?

Michael Brown is the CEO & Founder of nDash.com, a platform connecting brands and agencies to the world’s top freelance writers. Prior to nDash, Michael spent his career as a news reporter, freelance writer, and marketing agency owner. He currently lives in Camden, Maine with his wife and 3 boys.
Evan Zall

What Is Purpose Driven Marketing?

After more than 25 years in strategic marketing, Evan knows that strong communications can resolve a great number of complex challenges in the world. He launched Longview Strategies to formalize and apply that impact-oriented marketing mindset to the intersection of sustainability and business. Prior to founding Longview, Evan was President of a full-service marketing firm…
Mark Roberge

How To Promote Your Own Music

Mark Roberge is the CEO and co-founding partner of Bamrock Entertainment which is an entertainment holding company that oversees the production studio and creative agency Red 13 Studios / Creative. As a producer and songwriter, Roberge has been involved in multiple projects that garnered recognition on The Billboard charts while achieving millions of downloads and…
Gwen Murray

What Gives A Brand It’s Relevant Identity?

Gwen Murray is an innovative marketing strategist with over 20 years experience in Fortune 500 companies including Amazon, Staples, and L’Oreal, to Series A and VC backed startups. Gwen has led numerous marketing organizations focused on brand growth and lead generation with an emphasis on scaling teams that help businesses create ROI driven marketing programs.…
Bill Flynn

What Makes A Good Leader In A Company?

BILL FLYNN has collaborated with Alan Mulally, pitched Steve Jobs, accomplished much, failed often, and learned many useful lessons from thirty years of studying the science of success. Bill’s best-selling book – Further, Faster – The Vital Few Steps that Take the Guesswork out of Growth continues to garner a nearly 5-Star rating generating demand…
Chris Spears

Chris Spears CEO of Improve HX

Ronny sits down with Chris Spears CEO of ImproveHX. Chris is an entrepreneur that sees the world changing right before our eyes. We discuss how he left his traditional digital agency to pursue blockchain technology. We discuss some of the emerging changes that will be taking place and how marketing as we know can be changed forever.
Sky Cassidy

Sky Cassidy interview

CEO of Mountain Top Data Sky and I talk about data and what makes Mountain Top Data a true data company. As we progress, it is going to be more imperative to understand your data, make sure that it is constantly being updated and managed by data experts. Sky also dives into his unique stance…
Mark Hewitt


Ron sits down with serial entrepreneur and West Point Academy Graduate Mark Hewitt. He founded two companies. EQEngineered where he is the CEO and Socially Saavy where he sits as their CIO. The core of what EQEngineered does is Development, Data and Design as a consultancy. Socially Saavy emerged from helping out military veterans. We…
Brad Chisum

Brad Chisum / Founder & Parther of THE LAUNCH FACTORY

Brad is the former CEO and co-founder of Lumedyne Technologies, a MEMS Inertial Sensor company acquired by Google. Ronny sits down to discuss his latest venture The Launch Factory, which is taking a different approach to startups and creating companies. We discuss Artificial Intelligence and Brad mentions a gamechanger technology and company that they have…
Dave Young

Dave Young the founder of $PLAY, PlayArcade, LifePLAY

Ronny sits down with Dave Young, a game developer, entrepreneur and founder of $PLAY coin. Dave has not only created a social token to help foster community involvement, he has created an ecosystem, PLayArcade, and LifePLAY that is giving back to “real world” communities in a big way. We discuss NFTs and highlight how brands…
Chris Stephenson

Chris Stephenson Head of Operations NLP at NUIX Co-Founder of Topos Labs

Chris and I sit down and talk about Artificial Intelligence. He co-founded Topos Labs, an AI company that was recently acquired by NUIX. We learn about the explosive growth of language AI and we explore if Artificial Intelligence is quietly taking over? What Chris says might surprise you – it’s already here. He also gives…
Javan Mershad

Javan Mershad CEO of MICTIC

In The Now interview with Javan Mictic interview CEO of Mictic.
Michal Cymbalisty

Michal Cymbalisty Domination Finance

In this episode, Michal Cymbalisty joins In the Now to talk about his start-up company Domination Finance...
Christopher Cummings

Christopher Cummings Principal Product Manager PRECISELY

Data quality issues can be a sleeping giant. The company Precisely recently won a prestigious award...