Turn Clicks into Revenue

Turn Clicks into Revenue
Nowspeed has been an expert in E-Commerce since its origins. Our experienced team understands each aspect of the sector, and is ready to help your e-commerce site drive sales and grow profits for your company.

E-Commerce has seen very rapid internet growth in the past few years, with US e-commerce sales to reach $279 billion by 2015 (Forrester Research). Along with the Internet’s increased use and accessibility, the cost of creating and maintaining a website has dropped, allowing entrepreneurs to take their business online, no longer requiring a brick and mortar building to sell their products. Traditional retailer and even many B2B marketers are also selling online.

Drive Traffic – Nowspeed uses organic and paid search marketing, digital advertising, email and social media to drive sales through your e-commerce website. We have been very successful at optimizing digital advertising programs with highly targeted keywords to make each dollar spent in digital advertising create several dollars in revenue. We have also be successful helping build organic search visibility on hundreds or products in online catalogs to get more free traffic from the search engines.

Convert Visitors to Sales – Your e-commerce website should be designed to convert visitors to sales as efficiently as possible. Nowspeed has strong skills in designing websites and landing pages, and creating the content and other offers that turn visitors into sales.

Nurture Leads –   Social media marketing programs can be very effective to nurture existing as well as potential customers, lift brand awareness, engage with communities in your industry and drive traffic and leads to your website. Strong Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube programs can help you attract new sales, as well as grow sales from existing customers through loyalty, coupon or other promotional programs.

Marketing Automation Services are also essential to any e-commerce marketing campaign.  By implementing customer scoring techniques and automatic messaging we’ll help to make sure you don’t get forgotten.

Nowspeed has the services to drive, convert, and nurture e-commerce customers for your company. These include:

Drive Traffic
Search Engine Marketing Services
Search Engine Optimization Services
Email Marketing Services
Content Marketing Services
Mobile Marketing Services

Website Design & Development Services
Landing Page Design Services
Content Creation – White Paper and E-books
Video Production Services

Social Media Marketing Services
Marketing Automation and Lead Nurture Services

Let Nowspeed help, and keep your product at the top of people’s minds, keep your site converting, and make your message heard. For more info, take a look at our E-commerce case studies.