Yahoo Bing Search Alliance

Yahoo states ‘as part of the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance, all Yahoo! Search Marketing advertisers will transition to using the Microsoft Advertising adCenter search application. Marketers will be able to reach up to 150 million search users combined across Yahoo! Search and Bing, get up to 62% more search volume than on Yahoo! Alone and get more value for the time you spend managing campaigns.’

OK.  Yahoo and Bing have joined forces to battle the Mighty and All Powerful Google AdWords.  A feverish attempt to cut into the market dominance AdWords has enjoyed for so long.  However, I feel that something is missing: why has AdWords succeeded in the first place?  Is it because Google ads are much more expensive than Yahoo or MSN?  Nope.  Is it because the AdWords platform is far superior to Yahoo and that MSN AdCenter looks quite similar to AdWords?  Nope.  The word ‘Google’ verbifying?

I think it is because of the high volume and quality of search results that Google continues to deliver when a person types what they want into the search box.  Google has pioneered the Search Industry time and time again with innovation and a sincere desire to get people to where they want to go faster and better than any other search engine in existence.   Although paid search is the bulk of the revenue for seemingly all search engines, the core use is still to provide the best results to a searcher.

Good luck with your alliance Yahoo and Bing – I’ll stick with Googling, just like nearly 70% of everybody else that use search engines to get results.

Let’s start accelerating your success.

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