What does an Exceptional Landing Page look like?

Lately, we have been hearing a lot of questions from our Pay-Per-Click clients on what makes a landing page exceptional. In our previous posts about landing pages, Why is it important to have an effectively designed landing page? and Your Exceptional Landing Page Checklist To Maximize Lead Generation, we covered the why and how.

Today, we cover the “what”.

First off, as you all know your landing pages are gateways into your sales pipeline. Whether your visitor becomes a new lead or a missed opportunity depends on what they find there. The question is…are your landing pages optimized to convert visitors into leads, or are they causing unnecessarily high abandonment?

Below are two examples of landing pages that we have designed and are proud to consider as “exceptional” as they produce many quality leads, at a low cost-per-conversion. 

Entitle Direct 

For this Entitle Direct landing page we identified a pain point for consumers: closing costs. We created a landing page that was aligned with their needs, how they can reduce their closing costs. With arresting copy and strong visuals, this was a strong performing landing page for our client with a high conversion rate.


For this HubCast landing page the goal was to increase registrant sign-ups for a free HubCast Cloud Print Solution account. By using a bold lime green background color on the form field and a large “Register Now” button at the bottom, we were able to achieve a bold design showcasing an innovative print solution that saves money and the environment. This simple yet very easy-to-read landing page emphasizes the benefits of creating a free HubCast account by having strong bullet points and attention grabbing headlines. The design paid off for HubCast as registrant sign-ups increased dramatically.

To learn more on what consists of an exceptional landing page, please download our white paper, “Unlock the Secrets of Exceptional Landing Pages.”

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