Scary SEO Tactics Revealed

Website owners and webmasters are always looking for ways to improve their site’s visibility in the search engines, but 2011 became the year the media pulled back the curtain and revealed to the public how many companies were improving their search rankings through some questionable SEO tactics.

How Google Social Search Impacts Your Organic Traffic

Until recently, most social networking sites were either completely closed off to search engines or were simply ignored by them. If Google did show some social media results in the past, they were typically very low on the search page (often as sub-items under another search result).

So You’ve Lost Your Google Rankings… What Happened?

You once had first page placement, maybe even the number one spot...but now all of a sudden you don't. So what happened? Does Google hate you? No, probably not. Here are five reasons why you may have lost your ranking, including a few quick-fix steps to getting back in the game.