Content Marketing

Content is critical for both Inbound and Outbound marketing programs.  By creating articles, white papers, videos and other types of content, you can demonstrate your credibility, engage your audience and drive leads.

Creating a content marketing strategy starts with understanding your buyers and creating persons to make it easier to create the right  content for the right buyer.  Once you really understand your buyers, you can map out the content they need through the buying cycle from awareness, to engagement to purchase.  This content map will enable  you to build a solid content  strategy for each persona and dramatically increase your chances for success.

Once you have a comprehensive content strategy, you can start the work of building the content you need. By turning the strategy into a plan and schedule, you can efficiently start creating the articles, blogs, video, papers and other content that will enable you to be successful.

a content 1Services that fit within Nowspeed’s Content Marketing Solution are:

  • Website and Article copywriting
  • Video Creation
  • White Paper Writing

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