Social Media Success in 14 Steps: #12 Integrating Social Media with Search Engine Marketing

Search Marketing is critical to the success of any social media marketing program, since you must get found in order for your content to have an impact. Social media can be a powerful accelerator to any paid or organic search marketing program.

Here are five of eight ways to integrate your Social Media program into your Search Marketing Campaign:

1.    Leverage video on search landing pages. If you are creating video for your YouTube program, you can also create short videos to promote the offers on your landing pages. Offers that might be white papers, free trials, offers for a consultation, or even coupon, can all be promoted using a video. Video is personal and engaging and can improve conversion rates for offers.

2.    Leverage offer comments and ratings on search landing pages. Just as people rate travel sites and other online content, you can let people rate the content and offers on your website. This builds trust and engagement. When people see the rankings on your content, they will have a much stronger sense of where to spend their time. Naturally, some of your content will rank high and others, not so high, but this honesty will build trust with your readers.

3.    Advertise on Facebook and other social media sites. You can also complement your free content with paid advertising on social media sites. Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and most others accept advertising and allow very sophisticated targeting, since they have detailed information on their users. You can use these ads to bring people back to your website, or your social media sites.

4.    Leverage social media sharing on landing pages. Most landing pages are designed to “convert” the user from a visitor to a customer or lead, so they are short and promote specific content. If the content is valuable, people will want to share it, so make it easy for them by including social sharing tags on your landing page or thank you page.

5.    Embed your SEO keywords into video posts and other content posts. It’s important for your social media content to get found, so use the keywords you’ve identified on all of your video posts or on specific social media content. When you include these keywords, add them to links if possible to make them more prominent to the search engines.

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