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Free Social Media Assessment

Nowspeed has helped hundreds of companies dramatically improve their digital marketing results, and we’d like to demonstrate how we can make a difference for you too.

The assessment will review 10 aspects of your social media program in order to identify ways take your program to the next level. This analysis will identify ways we can make immediate improvements that will lower your costs and improve your results.

Nowspeed will specifically evaluate:

  1. Active Channels
  2. Profile Information
  3. Images
  4. Posting Schedule
  5. Content Quality
  6. Post Format
  7. Pinned Posts
  8. Follower Ratio
  9. Audience Demographics
  10. Engagement Rate

Once the assessment is complete, we’ll give you a proposal to help you see how easy it is to work with Nowspeed.

Sign-up today to get a free assessment of your social media programs from a Nowspeed marketing expert and you’ll also receive a free copy of Digital Marketing in the Zone, by David Reske. This is only for qualifying companies, but there is no risk and no obligation required.

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