7 Steps for Building a Winning Marketing Automation Strategy

Uncovering New Revenue with Marketing Automation

In most cases the lead you collected today isn’t ready to buy today. But, through a well planned lead nurture program you have the ability to increase close ratios, shorten sales cycles and influence the buying decisions and revenue potential of your clients and prospects. So, what’s the first step in building a formal lead nurture program? Or, how do you improve upon your current lead nurture strategy? Within this guide, you’ll find insight into 7 simple yet powerful steps you can take today to build or improve upon your lead nurture program:

  • Decide which segments you would like to focus on for the lead nurture program
  • Identify the buying cycle for each segment
  • Create email messaging and offers specific to the buying cycle of each segment
  • Think through the Touch Points, Triggers and Timing for the email campaign
  • Design the email creative and produce all of the content
  • Implement the lead nurture strategy using a marketing automation or email tool
  • Develop a personalization and testing strategy

Download this comprehensive lead nurture guide to learn more.

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