PPC Case Study

Search Engine Marketing Needs and Marketing Services Scope

Hitachi Data Systems wanted to increase their visibility on a specific set of highly competitive data management terms. Nowspeed has been delivering PPC leads for HDS for several years but this was a very difficult challenge due to the competitive nature of goal.

Nowspeed PPC Strategy

Nowspeed’s PPC approach was to take the offer and create two campaigns that targeted an audience where the data management keywords and the Oil & Gas vertical overlapped. In order to do so, the campaign utilized keyword match types and specific Display Network targeting settings in the AdWords platform. The offer for both campaigns was a client-commission report on data management trends in the Oil & Gas industry.

  1. For Search Network traffic, a specific set of data management keywords were utilized, and modifiers were added to specifically target the Oil & Gas vertical. By utilizing modified, broad match keywords, Nowspeed was able to reach many users searching for those data management terms who were also interested in the Oil & Gas vertical.
  2. For Display Network Traffic, Nowspeed utilized a different strategy. We used traditional data management keywords but added AdWords Topic Targeting and Audience Targeting in the Display Network. Topic Targeting allowed us to display our ads specifically on websites related to the Oil & Gas vertical. Audience Targeting allowed us to show ads only to users that Google has specified as being specifically interested in the Oil & Gas industry.

PPC Optimization Results

This two-pronged PPC strategy was very effective for HDS. Nowspeed was able to deliver the following PPC results in the first 4 months of this targeted PPC campaign:

  • PPC Traffic – The campaign generated over 5,000 clicks at a low average CPC.
  • Lead Generation – The offer generated hundreds of leads at a conversion rate of 8.3%, which was 377% higher than the conversion rate of the other PPC campaigns for this client.
  • US Leads CPL – Though this campaign was international, HDS was very pleased with the excellent US results. The average cost per lead in the US for this offer was 62% lower than the average CPL for US conversions in other campaigns run by this client.