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Nowspeed, a top Internet
marketing agency, has released a new SEO white paper entitled,

WESTBOROUGH, MA, January 16, 2013 — Nowspeed, a top Internet marketing agency, has released a new marketing strategy white paper entitled, How to Test for Internet Marketing Success, written by President & Founder of Nowspeed, David Reske. The white paper explains how and why it is important for companies to incorporate an effective Internet marketing strategy and test their tactics to ensure a steady flow of new lead generation prospects.

Businesses will learn the efficiencies of a marketing strategy through Nowspeed’s tips and best practices that will jumpstart your efforts to create a marketing strategy that works. The goals of any marketing strategy are to turn it into an actionable plan to generate more qualified leads. Whether you’re developing a fully integrated online marketing program or just executing a simple set of tactical marketing activities; it is important to start with a plan.

Reske states, “I’ve been working with companies like yours since the heyday of online marketing over a decade ago, and I’ve seen major changes in what works –and what doesn’t– to engage your prospects. The fact is, the companies that are reaping high returns on marketing plans need to do every step right, from defining your target market to ongoing testing optimization.”

The marketing strategy tips mentioned in this 7-page marketing white paper will help marketers understand how to get started developing a marketing strategy that includes setting goals, having a test hypothesis, deciding on the offer and what media you will use to advertise it, recording the test results and then finally deciding on what works and what doesn’t. Nowspeed has used these strategies to help a number of top companies achieve success with their marketing programs.

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