Recovery Through Remarketing: How to Engage with Lost Website Visitors Using Google Ads

When a user visits your site, the likelihood of them actually performing the action you are looking to drive is very small. Acquisition rates vary by site and industry, but for most sites the vast majority of visitors end up leaving the site without engaging with it. However, just because the visitor did not engage with your site, does not mean they are not interested in your product or services. In fact, that individual who hit your site is far more likely to make a purchase than someone chosen at random. Companies that are able to continue to engage that user, and put their marketing materials in front of them, will be far more likely to make a sale than those that don’t. That is where remarketing comes in.

What is a Google remarketing campaign?

A Google remarketing campaign is a form of display advertising, that serves banner ads to a narrow list of targeted individuals who have engaged with the brand in the past. Normal banner ads have a very low click-through rate and are some of the least effective forms of digital advertising that exist because they are usually targeted at a wide audience that is unlikely to be interested in the product being promoted. Remarketing campaigns eliminate these issues by only targeting users who have visited the advertiser’s website in the past. In our experience, managing millions of dollars in ad spend for our clients, remarketing campaigns are among the most effective and affordable means of engaging with your target audience.

How do Google remarketing campaigns work?

To create a Google remarketing campaign, you must first create a remarketing list that contains the users you are looking to target. To do so, you must have a Google Analytics account and have the Analytics tag installed in the header of your website. Once this is done, you can create your marketing list and sync it with your Google Ads account.  

The most commonly used list is one composed of all recent visitors to the website, however, it is possible to go far beyond this in your targeting. Using conditional logic, you can create narrowly focused campaigns based on the actions taken by your users. Want to serve an ad to people who visited a specific page? You can do that. Want to serve a different ad to people that added an item to their cart but abandoned it? You can do that too! 

How effective are Google remarketing campaigns?




Above you will find a screenshot taken from the performance of one of our client accounts in May. With a spend of less than $200, we were able to bring them 17 new leads with an average cost of $11.74. This is in a niche market where they are competing with Fortune 500 software companies for customers. When you compare this with the average cost per acquisition of Google Search ($48.96) and Display ($75.51) ads, and the effectiveness of a remarketing campaign becomes readily apparent. How does $11.74 a lead sound to you?

Who should use Google remarketing campaigns?

Here at Nowspeed, we have helped a wide variety of clients implement remarketing campaigns to great effect, and we would recommend that all advertisers consider this option when building their campaigns. However, there are some patterns we have noticed in how effective a remarketing campaign will be for a given client. In particular, we have found that websites that receive a significant amount of their traffic from organic methods tend to have an outstanding performance from remarketing campaigns. The reason for this is due to the intent of their visitors – people who have gotten to your site from a referral or organic search engine result have a high likelihood of purchasing your product compared to visitors that get to your site from advertising.

That being said, in our experience, the vast majority of advertisers would see an affordable cost per acquisition numbers from a remarketing campaign. This makes Google remarketing ads one of the best deals in advertising at this time.

Are you interested in serving remarketing display ads to your website visitors? Nowspeed has a wealth of experience in helping clients – large and small – achieve their marketing goals. We have options for any business, from local companies with a handful of employees to Fortune 500 conglomerates. To get started, take a look at our Digital Advertising Services and contact us today.

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