Telecommunications Client Case Study

The client wanted to build a solid social media strategy plan

Situation and Goals:

  • This telecom client wanted to increase downloads of their joint whitepaper with a well-known Telecom industry analyst publication. These downloads would turn into new relevant leads for them.

Optimization Technique:

  • Determined a highly targeted audience
  • Geo, Keywords/Hashtags Competitors, Industry Analysts & Influencers, Job Functions, Industry, LinkedIn Groups
  • Drafted 4-6 tweets and 3-4 LinkedIn posts for campaign
  • Social ad campaigns work best with a variety of ad options
  • Optimized ad campaign by turning off ads that were not performing, altering wording and adjusting bids
  • Found that LinkedIn was converting at a much higher rate than Twitter. Shifted funds from Twitter to LinkedIn to allow for more ad spend.
  • Reported on impressions, clicks, cost per click, conversions, cost per conversion and demographic data


  • 23 conversions on Twitter over 9 weeks at $95.63 CPC
  • 129 conversions on LinkedIn over 10 weeks at $47.73 CPC
  • $8,343.02 spent