Healthcare Client

Search Engine Optimization Needs and Marketing Services Scope

A provider of Healthcare software that delivers best-of-suite solutions for high-acuity cares of the hospital wanted to increase their SEO visibility and drive more organic traffic.

Nowspeed SEO Strategy

Initially, the client’s website lacked visibility in the search engines. Their website’s keyword strategy used a brand and product focus. The impact of such an approach produced poor rankings or no rankings for important keywords and minimal non-brand related organic traffic. Nowspeed’s SEO approach was to take the large and complex task of optimizing our healthcare software client’s website, and break it down into a comprehensive, actionable series of tasks that focused on the most important SEO activities that will increase traffic and provide visibility. Our SEO strategy included both an “On Page” as well as “Off Page” approach.

Our “On Page” strategy began with an understanding of the keywords that were driving traffic to our client’s site and to also identify new keyword opportunities that we could also incorporate within their content. Our SEO methodology utilizes a customized SEO Copy Writer’s Guide; which is the blue print for creating optimized pages for the search engines. Our copywriter’s guide delivered to the client provided an optimization strategy by keyword, for page level changes that included recommended titles, descriptions, headers, URLs and other important SEO factors that led to page and content improvement.

Our “Off Page” optimization objective was to increase their domain and page popularity using a variety of link building channels including, directories, social media, and even internal link opportunities. Since links are considered votes for website and page content, we were able to substantially increase the quality and number of links using a natural mix of keyword seeded anchor text and branded terms while link building.

SEO Optimization Results

Nowspeed was able to deliver the following SEO improvements over 11 months:

  • Organic Traffic – The client’s website had a 26% increase in organic traffic.
  • Individual Keyword Traffic – The client saw traffic increases for individual keywords that were up to 144%.
  • Keyword Rankings – Our effort was focused around 31 keywords – 20 of those keywords were listed on page 1, 8 of the keywords were listed on page 2, and the 3 remaining, were found on page 3 of Google.