Firefox Browser Will Block Tracking For Digital Marketers

Firefox Browser Will Block Tracking For Digital Marketers

Recently, Mozilla announced that Firefox will be adding several new privacy and security features, one of which is a default Enhanced Tracking Protection feature, set to roll out in the coming months. This new default feature blocks third parties in Firefox from tracking users’ data.

Firefox Blocking Tracking Digital Marketing

The new feature will negatively impact the online advertising landscape, making personalized, relevant advertisements more difficult to provide. Digital marketers won’t be able to target users with relevant advertisements or determine which advertisements will lead to sales for e-commerce purposes and instead, users will now be faced with generic, often unrelated advertisements. Without the ability to review and target advertisements based on consumer data, digital marketers will be forced to create generic advertisements that could appeal to a broader audience rather than individual interests.

Blocking cookies and third-party data tracking not only forces advertisers to create more generic and less timely ads, but also has the potential of driving a wedge between brands and their customers on the e-commerce side. Now when a potential customer leaves a site they were browsing, they won’t be targeted with relevant advertisements of what they were interested in, but rather a generic advertisement instead.

Third-party cookies can actually improve the overall user experience because they let website owners know how visitors are using their site as well as what products or brands they’re shopping for. From the user side, cookies make sure that users aren’t flooded with the same advertisements over and over, since cookies enable advertisers to create targeted advertisements as well as influence how often a user is shown an advertisement while browsing a site.

By blocking cookies and third-party tracking, there’s a chance of an increase in the frequency of random advertisements and a decrease in the amount of relevant content specific to individual audiences. The default feature will disrupt online marketers’ core efforts to track, analyze, measure, target, and personalize for Firefox users.

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