Telecommunications Client Case Study (YouTube Ads)

Situation and Goals:
Our client had a goal of driving awareness and landing page visits through video advertising.

Optimization Technique:
Nowspeed created a YouTube advertising campaign through Google Ads that used the in-stream ad format to play their video before related videos on YouTube and other partner websites on the Google Display Network. Through keyword and topic targeting, Nowspeed was able to serve the video ads to a relevant audience.


Nowspeed achieved the client’s goal of driving product awareness through video views and landing page visits at an efficient average cost per view & average cost per click. Although the client goal was video views and landing page traffic, Nowspeed additionally generated 5 leads directly attributed to these awareness campaigns!

  • Spent $999.09
  • Drove 219,855 Ad Impressions
  • Generated 24,890 Video Views
  • Achieved a very low $0.04 Cost Per View
  • Drove 2,353 Clicks to the landing page
  • Achieved a very low $0.42 Cost Per Click
  • Generated 5 Conversions on the landing page

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