3D Modeling Client Case Study

Situation and Goals:

This provider of 3D modeling software for engineering relied on Nowspeed to achieve their goals of increased organic traffic pointing to their website and the associated organic lead generation.

Optimization Technique:

  • Nowspeed worked with the client to clean up the structure of their site.
  • Duplicate content was eliminated and proper page redirects were implemented.
  • Nowspeed engaged in keyword research in order to identify top keywords for their targeted audience.
  • Site content was optimized and new content was created around those top keywords.


  • Organic traffic
    Organic traffic to client site grew from 13K visits per month to over 19K, an increase of 53% over the course of 6 months.
  • Organic conversions
    The organic conversions increased significantly as well, growing from 457 to 636 in month six, a 40% increase.

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