Enterprise Software Client Case Study

Situation and Goals:

Our client asked us to manage an international Google Ads campaign promoting their Incident Management software.  The main objective was to gain new free trials sign-ups and to increase top of funnel lead volume.  Nowspeed was asked to leverage this offer and utilize other optimization techniques to drive down the cost per conversion of their Google Ads campaign, driving more leads for their budget.

Optimization Techniques:

Here are the steps we took to improve the campaign and drive better results.

  • Focused campaign keywords on more relevant business and enterprise terms
  • Increased impression share on high quality keywords
  • Tested new ad messaging focused on product benefits
  • Utilized display re-marketing to re-engage with past website users
  • Ensured conversion tracking was setup on all form submissions


The result of this campaign was that the cost per conversion was reduced by 91%. This lower cost/conversion resulted in a boost in the conversion rate for free trial sign-ups which yielded a 377% increase in lead volume over a 4 month period.

Decreased CPL

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