Consumer Products Client

Email Needs and Marketing Services Scope

A well-known candle provider came to Nowspeed in the Spring of 2011, asking for help with their email marketing messaging, design, and implementation for an existing wholesale audience.
Nowspeed Email Marketing Strategy

Nowspeed recommended a coordinated email program that combined regular promotional emails with a high-value monthly newsletter. Our goals for the client: (1) Establish a consistent brand and facilitate engagement through thought-leadership content; (2) Increase email open rate; (3) Increase revenue from promotions. The promotional emails would serve as a vehicle to announce new products, order deadlines, and other immediately actionable information to drive direct response. The eNewsletter would combine all the monthly product information alongside tips and tricks for product display, sales tips, product announcements and reminders for upcoming promotions to facilitate engagement with the brand.

Nowspeed Email Marketing Implementation and Launch

Nowspeed created unique email templates based on the client’s brand for promotional emails and the eNewsletter. For the promotional template, we modeled the design to fit the look and feel of their most recent printed catalog for consistency and familiarity with the audience, and to showcase the product in its best possible light. The campaign was rooted on the themes of newness and innovation. The eNewsletter took a slightly different tactic. The idea was to try to connect personally with the audience in a friendly and endearing manner and also to establish trust with sincerity in offering valuable thought-leadership content. Still honoring their well-known brand, we created a character, AIME (Amy) designed to embody the four cardinal rules for maximizing product sales: Assortment, In-store experience, Marketing, and Execution. She was modeled after the archetype of the client’s best country-gift-shop-proprietor-type customers. This character headlined each of the newsletters with tips and tricks for maximizing product sales.

Email Marketing Results

Overall, this two-pronged approach to engage this client’s wholesale market and drive more direct response was highly successful as our numerical results demonstrate. Nowspeed delivered the following email results over 6 months (June 2011 – Dec 2011);

  • Opens – Average open rate of 40.3%, with a high of 58.5%. (Average industry standard open rate of 26.4%)
  • Clicks – Average click-through-rate of 2.8%. (Average industry click-through-rate of 3.8%)
  • Unsubscribe – Average unsubscribe rate was very low at .009% (Average industry unsubscribe rate of .31%)
  • Bounces – Average bounce rate of 0.92% (Average industry bounce rate of 2%)