Remarketing with Google

Nowspeed is a Certified Google Partner

Nowspeed uses Google remarketing to reach users who have visited your website in the past and encourage further engagement with your brand. Our pay-per-click management team has a wide range of experience using Google remarketing to deliver increased leads and sales. Nowspeed is a certified Google Agency Partner, resulting in access to the latest Google tools and techniques for our clients. Contact us now to find out how we will use Google remarketing to meet your digital marketing goals.

Google Partner Nowspeed

Using Google Remarketing for Digital Marketing Success

If a person visits your product page, but does not make a purchase, Google remarketing allows you to follow them around the internet with ads that remind and encourage them to make that purchase. Not only can you target users who have visited your website, but you can also use Google remarketing to serve ads to people who have used your mobile app while they are using other mobile apps. With customized remarketing lists, you can keep track of different market segments and serve them ads specifically tailored to their buying behavior. Through custom ads, specific targeting, and detailed reporting, Google remarketing serves as a vital tool to achieve digital marketing success.

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